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badges, and other things..


white on black and black on white killers badges. on both the words are actually made up of dots, like the postcards (below).

black on pink killers 'somebody told me' promo badges.

a random mars volta badge... it actually yellow on black but the colour came out really bad.


80s matchbox 'mister mental' promo cards.

killers 'somebody told me' promo cards.

eastern lane 'saffron' promo cards.


eastern lane 'saffron' promo posters, same colours as postcards above (the photo turned out weird). they're bigger than a3 but not a2 in size.

razorlight 'stumble & fall' promo posters, a4 but have a sort of white block at the bottom..

also have some a4 posh glossy razorlight posters for 'rip it up', they're like the stickers below... if anyone really wanted one i could try & find them.


razorlight 'rip it up' and 'stumble & fall' promo stickers, they're a few inches square.


my red cell 4-track promos, tracklist:
1. she's leaving
2. 50 quid
3. dedication
4. today

rare kings of leon 'red morning light' promo with press release (i'd sell it on ebay but it won't let me have a seller's account.. pft).

other stuff:

.. and i've got some white razorlight t-shirt transfers somewhere too, it's just a case of finding them. oh yeah and i have a patch that looks like the 'rip it up' stickers.. yeah.
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