April 11th, 2004



Hi everyone,

We are two friends (ladieslovejesus and I) who recently bought a professionnal button making machine on eBay from a germany-based company (www.badgematic.de) in order to promote some bands we know. The selling prices are reasonable and everything went well with the sale but we had some issues when we got the package and realised that everything, from the back catalogue to the notice, was in german.

We managed to translate it but the part where you have to put the needle in the hole to punch it to the button is not clear. We can't put the needle so it remains stable before being punched, and anyway, it punches the button and not the needle through the button itself. So we can't make our badges fully since well, we can't close the button and add a needle - which is the point of making buttons.

We're using the Typ 900 machine (the most sold one on eBay).

We're hoping to find some people within this community using this machine or knowing how to deal with that needle issue. Thanks a lot for all your replies !!

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