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hey all, I've been a member for a while but I've never made a post. I just wanted to come on and tell you all about my website:

I make badges, I have over 350 designs now, and I'm always making more. If you have any ideas for bands you'd like to see that aren't listed on there, please tell me! I am always looking for new designs to make. Thanks!
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WANTED : Writers / Photographers

UpBeetMusic.com is currently looking for a few good men and women. If you're interested in writing [reviews / articles / poetry / news] and/or photography, etc., please email either of the addresses below:

Russ Hockenbury - obleekness@yahoo.com

Emily Taylor - em_ology@yahoo.com

Please attach a small bio [Name / Age / Location / Musical Interests ], along with writing samples and/or photography samples.

note : All positions are unpaid, this is a non-profit webzine [unless, of course, you would like to donate].

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What have you got?

Hey everyone, I'm new to the commmunity and I'm in need of more badges...

I just wondered what you've got. I haven't got too much to trade, but I can see what I can do - maybe buy some/trade for things other than badges...
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Today im feeling new, (probably cuz i am) and a bit shy at the mo. But i will be all bold for my intro...

Hi i am Richelle aka starlit_wonder

Feel free to add me, and step into my wierd yet wonderfully peaceful world :)