mewhitenoize (mewhitenoize) wrote in indiebadges,

indie badges

welcome and happy badge trading.

I currently have available to swap:

eastern lane (black with white logo)
razorlight (black with orange logo)
jet (white with black jet and then get born underneath)
jet (white with artwork for 'are you gonna be my girl' on)
jet (band picture off get born)
'you cock' badge - (with a cockeral or a rooster on lol)
white stripes badge - (this is round my house somewhere)
punktastic badge - (basically says punktastic 'it's punk it's fantastic, work it out)
old no7 - (free with the nme a while ago jack daniels badge)


call me badgeboy.....or not.
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I don't have any badges but I would happily have all/any of those... perhaps I will go badge hunting on the bi-g badge-board in the union shop tomorrow... anything you're looking for in particular?
cooper temple clause
mars volta
the music

anything off my 'interests' list.

thanks your a star
i have a franz ferdinand badge, 2 badges in fact. One saying 'Take me out' and one saying 'Franz Ferdinand'
Kapow! xxx!
super fantastique are you up for swapping those?
mmmm, i might be :) i'm really looking for a muse, mars volta, le tigre, interpol etc etc (my interests). I have all the jet ones you've meantioned unfortunately :(. sniff.
hey guys can u plug this as much as possible, my friend got pete doherty from the libertines to ring up xfm and enter the bounty hunter comp. If pete wins we will get 10 grand and pete will put on a secret libs gigs so go to

vote for pete doherty
voted already! I have a Franz Ferdinand badge...willing to swop for Libertines.


February 29 2004, 08:31:18 UTC 12 years ago

if i had a libs badge i would, but i gave them to a mates lil bro cos he loved the libs so much
i will get some badges on saturday at the academy gig
ooo. sorry i don't belong here, but i like the sound of the razorlight badge and the you cock badge.
ive not got cool enough badges to swap for those :0 cept my ben n jerry's badge hehe but i want that. moneyz?
still got the eastern lane badge? i have 2 radio 4 badges, 1 badge that says angel and 1 the stands that i might be willing to swap. i'm only interested in the eastern lane one really though...
yes i do.