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What have you got?

Hey everyone, I'm new to the commmunity and I'm in need of more badges...

I just wondered what you've got. I haven't got too much to trade, but I can see what I can do - maybe buy some/trade for things other than badges...
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ive got franz ferdinad, razorlight, eastern lane badges to trade

Ah kewl. Do you only trade for badges? (maybe a stupid question but y'know)

I'm just new too...really I'm looking for new badges, I'm a ~*~fiend!~*~ I swear...but *sniff, sniff* I'm unemployed right now...so I'll just be keeping an eye out...y'know for something really special.

I've got a lot of badges though, so I suppose I could dig through them and trade :P

I won't be polly(less) for long though...I've got too much drive and I'm looking to purchase a badge-making machine, so hopefully I could make up badges and take requests.